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Furry, bare paw enthusiasts' Journal
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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
4:40 pm
*crickets chirping*
Well, here's something that I wish I could participate in but unfortunately will be at work and... well, shoes are rather required for my job.


Otherwise, is anyone still around?
Saturday, August 28th, 2010
5:33 pm
Wolf prints?
A while back I came across some huge paw prints while I was out hiking (barepawed) along a river sandbank with my dog. There were lots of dog paw prints around ranging in size from small to large but these prints were enormous. I don't know of any dog breed that has paws this big. I took some pictures of the prints alongside my own paw and paw print for a size comparison. I wear a size 11 shoe so this should give you an idea of how big these prints were.

Collapse )
Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
2:48 pm
Wow, not a whole lot happening this year so far...
How is everyone doing this season (Summer for the n.hemisphere folks) for barepaw surfaces?

I was thinking what this community needs is a nice icon!! Who's with me?

Have a pleasant day. :)
Sunday, November 29th, 2009
9:47 pm
Woot! Grandma bought me my birthday present early (only about a week to go until I gain another tick mark on my spreadsheet of life...) She bought me a pair of Vibram 5 fingers, which, besides being horrendously more expensive than what I usually pay for shoes, are about as close to going barepaw as possible in public.  A very thin sole, separate pockets for each toe. Mmm, they're snug and delicious, too...
If you're curious.
Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
11:57 pm
one of the great plus sides of having a summer off before school starts back up, and having enough money saved to not need a job till that happens, is not wearing shoes. 3 weeks in, and nothing but barepaws and flipflops, and I am a happy snowmew.

Anyone else here enjoying a nice barepawed summer?
Monday, February 9th, 2009
10:46 pm
Just trying to jumpstart the community...
It's been a while since anyone posted anything of note, so I'm going to try get some conversation flowing.

Who among you, if circumstances, society and weather permitted, would completely abandon all footgear and simply go barefoot anywhere, everywhere, and always?

*raises paw*

Current Mood: curious
Sunday, September 21st, 2008
8:45 pm
*paw waves*
After enjoying being on the Paw Board years ago, I thought I'd seek them out again, just to see how they were doing, and let them know I was still alive and kickin' but the thing looks like it was taken down awhile ago.

Anyway, thanks for letting me on here. I like going barepawed or with minimal sandals everywhere but at work, where shoes with socks is required. I hate socks. I hate what they do to my footpaws. I always drive barepawed. I've shoveled snow barepawed, etc.

As far as sandals go, Duck Head used to make some 2-strap slides I really liked, but I've checked everywhere and you just can't get them anymore. What I wear now most often is a very similar type by Faded Glory, and they're only about a third of the cost of the Duck Heads. Two strap slides are the only type I'll wear - I can't stand anything on my heal, and I don't like thongs with that thing between your toes - just can't do that for very long at a time.

I love the feeling of the earth beneath my feet, both in texture and extremes in temperature. I like being with others who are also barepawed - it's just nice and natural. I like the sight of paw pads, both on people and in furry art. They're both cute and well-designed.

Well, that's probably enough for now. *sits and props footpaws up on table*
Monday, April 28th, 2008
12:25 pm
My first barefoot hike
Me, my mate Kewne, Zotcoon, Khaiel and Haze went to a local hot springs near Hesperia yesterday. After a 75-mile drive or so, including some through the desert, we arrived at the trailhead. It was there that I decided to try this one without footwear of any sort.

The ground was rather soft initially, with the sand ranging from fine powder to the consistency of course grind coffee. It was perfect for conditioning, and felt like a rough massage. The temperature outside had cooled temporarily, so the ground was also cool. Even the courser rocks were quite enjoyable to step on, and the large boulders had a soothing coolness to them. Overall, I can see where people say that walking barefoot puts you more in touch with the area. The views were spectacular.

About halfway, Zotcoon did his usual lets-get-there-now thing and they picked up the pace. In trying to keep up, I gave myself some rather decent blisters that forced me to do the last bit, and the return trip, with my sandals. Each heel had a large blood blister and the balls of my feet had their own decent sized ones as well. All but one of the blisters on my left foot have healed by now, and should make for some excellent callouses.

The hot springs were awesome and relaxing on my feet, and we shared company with a number of other people. Before we left, we all skinny dipped in a more secluded pool down river to wait for our clothes to dry. After we came back, we stopped at Bass Pro Shop: a truly epic store of gigantic proportions that sells everything outdoor there is, including knives, guns, clothes, camping, fishing supplies, actual boats, and fine shotguns that cost up to $141,000.00. It even has a widely acclaimed fish restaurant, fudge shop, and actual trophies all over the inside and outside, which is styled like an old hunting lodge.

Dinner was at Claim Jumpers, where much meat was consumed and taken home for leftovers. Overall, the hike was a good first barefooter that should condition me for future attempts.

P.S.: Khaiel was going to do the return trip barefoot but declined at the last moment after seeing what it did to my feet :P
Thursday, September 13th, 2007
12:05 pm
Hi everyone, just joined this community. well obviously i like being barepaw. If i cant be barepaw, I usually just wear sandals. I live out in the boonies up on a hill, so i can go wandering in the forest barepaw, especially after it rains, muddy paws *blushes and wags* I also love cars, and find myself driving barepaw sometimes. I can be more precise with the pedals, cuase i like driving more then just the speed limit on straight flat roads, and I also dont have to worry about my shoes getting cuaght on the pedal (I have size 14 paws, so even normal pedal sets my paw will overlap pedals in shoes) so anyway, yeah, thats a little about me.
Thursday, September 6th, 2007
11:05 pm
good evening
Good evening and hello. so i take it this is all about back paws? lol well i well make sure to take a some pics of my big paws.

i love to spend most of my time with bear paws. it is more free, but sadly i dont live by the woods anymore so i can feel the sand or dirty between my toes anymore. i love to walk on the grass in the morning just as the sun is slowly coming up and to feel the wetness on my back paws.

well i hope this is not to much info.

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, August 7th, 2007
6:24 pm
*flops down on the ground and yawns* This evening is so bloody boring! *yawns* Hmmm, maybe I'll try and get some conversation going! :)

Okay everyone, what's the nicest and the most unpleasant thing you've ever had the fortune or misfortune to walk over.

For most unpleasant, it has to be uneven pavement. Specifically that strange bobbled surface they have beside pedestrian crossings here in the UK. They're hard concrete, each indent is round and they just feel uncomfortable even in shoes. Without them they're actually quite painful.

For nicest, it has to be real sand. When I was over in Wales a few years back for holiday, we found a small secluded beach, completely empty. The sand was very fine and even and felt very, very smooth. It was the middle of summer, so it was hot too. I really can't describe how groovy that was.

What about you guys?
Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
7:24 pm
Just a quick question, while my net connection's up and running.

Can anyone reccomend some good cream for dry heels? I tend to use flexitol to stop cracking, but when I wear socks for walking around all day it tends to rub off, dry out and generally become less comfortable.

Could anyone reccomend one that works better, perhaps one that lasts longer?

Monday, December 11th, 2006
6:34 pm
Do you ever have one of those dreams which pretty much remind you of those simple things that people COULD take for granted, but really can't have as much?

Last night I had one of those dreams that was very tactile. You know the kind, the ones where you can actually FEEL sensations.

In this case, I was walking along barefoot on my way to... Okay, I don't remember where or why. But the tactile sensation was basically quite a bit more enhanced, due to actually being able to feel the location and material (grass, paving stone, carpet) that I was standing on.

I think that part of me feels more connected to where I am like that. So when I woke up, I guess I must have had that impression in my head.

All through the day, it's been rather distressing me that I've not been able to feel the ground beneath my feet. I realised that my boots make me feel rather disconnected from where I am.

As soon as I got home I kicked them off and I suddenly feel much more relaxed. It's a little chilly, but I don't mind as much. It's just been such a strange day because of that.

It's been like a little voice sitting at the back of my head. I've been sitting through lectures on editing techniques, and the voice is whispering "You can't feel the carpet!"

Seriously, why doesn't that worry people? The sense of touch is one of the things that we use primarily for interaction with physical objects and materials. If it's cold, people don't wear gloves when writing, and if they do they're fingerless gloves. You don't wear gloves to write on a computer, because even if your fingers are small enough to hit the keys, it's harder to feel the tactile impact of pressing them.

I mean yes, it's always been something of a comfort thing for me (and part of the reason that I don't really mention it to anyone, unless they think I've got some kind of foot fetish, which isn't the case at all), but I've never quite realised how much so. It's genuinely relaxing.
Saturday, December 2nd, 2006
3:21 am
nice paws in book illustrations
the online PDF versions have the full images of the illustrations, not the online read-a-page-at-a-time version. The badger (Ira Wordworthy http://sakesalive.com/irachooser.html) has really nice bare paws!
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
7:15 am
My hindpaws have scent similar to that of Fritos.

Current Mood: amused
Friday, June 23rd, 2006
9:28 am
well, i got complained and warned and told not to go barepaw around at AC, but that's alright. i still drove all the way up and back sans shoes.

the bad part though, i did see a few people still barepaw, but that might have been just short excursions from the game room or some such.

anyone else attend?
Monday, June 5th, 2006
10:24 pm
Hey all-
A friend pointed this out to me:


Barefoot shoes. (NOT to be confused with barefoot sandals) I honestly don't know how I feel about them. To me going truly barefoot is golden. These look like a gimmick. Even if they are 'gloves for the feet' as the website claims, gloves still tend to numb your sense of touch- which is arguably one of the pleasures of being barefoot in the first place!

However- it WOULD be interesting to see these made into a paw shape for the fur types. Actual paws that still give the feeling of going barefoot-- an interesting idea!

Paw idea aside, I still can't see a hard core barefooter embracing these, they make for an interesting conversation piece, no?

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
2:06 am
An observation...
I know to some of you this may seem obvious, but...

I've noticed recently that when I am not barepawed, I can either sprint short distances or just walk; yet when I am barepawed, I can jog for quite literally miles, and sprint much farther and faster, not to mention much more quietly (of course!)... Anyone else notice the same sort of things?

Proof that this tiger is designed for paw-freedom =^.^=

Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
8:43 pm
I've always gone barepaw my life, i hate socks and shoes are for outdoors. No real reason, just prefer nothing on my feetpaws.
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
9:07 pm
New member
Hi everyone^^ I'm a 15 year old female wyvern(P.s. If anyone would like to, It would be neat to have a wyvern avvy. I'm not that good with drawing >.<) from Idaho. As you can probably see, I'm pretty shy and don't like to post much in my journal. I'll try to be a bit more freelance, but don't expect too much^^

On the topic of barepawing, I always took off my shoes&socks whenever possible, but never really thought much of it. I even barepawed it through the snow quite a lot^^ Since finding this community, though, I've been barepawing even more and making plans to walk around our huge block, which goes for about 4 miles if you don't wander through the center, in the summer and try to toughen up my pads. Maybe I'll even snowpaw a bit and get some better cirulation^^ Fun, fun!

(P.S. I play FFXI on occasion, my char. name is Sobuh, on the Gilgamesh server, but try to keep a low profile due to my step bros poking fun at me <.< They already do cause of my barepawing^^ Oh, but don't contact me on that until January :/ My bros are holding my char hostage^^;;)

Current Mood: predatory
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